Specializing in Clean Energy Investments


We are a team of dedicated sector specialists who have spent the past two decades focused on the clean energy sector in North America. As the energy transition accelerates, the market demands increasing expertise across power and commodity markets, broad development experience, complex tax structuring approaches, and the ability to navigate a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Our approach goes beyond traditional investment methods, emphasizing innovative product structuring to invest across the capital stack and facilitate investment in tax capital.

Partnering with Sophisticated Investors to Meet Their Unique Needs

We offer a partnership model, creating bespoke products for investors at scale. We believe the most attractive US clean energy risk-return opportunities are currently with mid-market developers, and these projects require more targeted and structured investments.

Differentiated Financing Solutions for Developers

Acadia provides bespoke and competitive capital solutions to developers by partnering with diversified investors and tax credit buyers. We are experienced in sourcing equity, debt, and tax capital, as well as tax structuring.

Facilitating Tax Credits for Corporations

Acadia partners with major US corporations and other tax-paying entities to understand their sustainability and tax goals. By purchasing tax credits, corporations may enable new clean energy projects, with high additionality, while reducing their tax liability.

Core and Value-Add Opportunities

Real asset-based, stable, and contracted cash flow is at the core of our investment philosophy; however, we recognize there are times when traditional 'bright lines' in investment mandates can lead to greater risks and/or lower returns. We seek to provide value-added approaches in these cases, including by:

implementing innovative revenue optimization strategies

taking carefully-selected development risks, or

integrating technologies that improve the reliability of clean energy.

Experienced Team

Our principals possess decades of U.S. power sector experience. With support from external advisors, we specialize in dealmaking up and down the capital stack, allowing us to focus on identifying, creating, and executing opportunities for developers, investors, and corporate partners.